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Web Site Promotion Technologies That Improve Your Traffic:

*To make anything work for you, first understand it*

Fortunately - in terms of Web Site Promotions Technologies - you don't have to understand what's actually inside the black box for these Web Site Promotions Technologies to benefit you.


Let's look at the principles.

To sell anything online you need these three things

  • A product or service to promote
    ...preferably your own.
  • A selling web site
  • Traffic generation systems

1. A Product Or Service To Promote

As the function of this Web Site Promotions Technologies page is to discuss the technologies needed to promote yourself on the web please refer to the...
Find A Product and... Create A Product pages on this site for more detailed information on this topic.

2. A Selling Web Site

Again, refer to Web Site Design for more detail on setting up a selling web site.

3. Traffic Generation Systems

QUALIFIED traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. "Qualified" means people who are actually interested in what it is that you are offering. You "qualify" people (and thus this traffic) using Web Site Promotions Technologies in a number of ways.

  • Search Engine rankings using appropriate, descriptive keywords, meta tags, page weighting etc.
  • Reciprocal Linking programs/ strategies
  • Viral Technologies
  • Online Advertising
  • OPT-In Ezines

NOW... let's get down to the "How To" ...

Traffic Generation Systems

Search Engine Keyword Ranking.

Fundamentally you have four choices here.

Choice One: Use a S.E. submission program such as the powerful tool, Web Position Gold.

Choice Two: Use an online S.E. submission tool that is packaged with the sophisticated suite of valuable Web Site Promotions Technologies and marketing tools in ROIbot.

Choice Three: Use the services of a specialist in S.E. rankings such as Sumantha Roy from 1stSearchRanking.

Choice Four: Automate the entire submission process by using a sophisticated online system which includes Web Site Promotions Technologies such as

Site Build It!

Reciprocal Linking Strategies

S.E's. (more and more) are ranking sites by their link popularity.

The ranking theory the S.E.'s use is that if a lot of theme related sites link to a particular site then it must be popular.

[Caution] The keyword here is RELATED.

This means sites that have some relationship with the content or theme of the site. Using LINKfarms (where totally unrelated sites swap links) is a complete waste of time and may get you banned from the S.E.

However, by using sophisticated Web Site Promotions Technologies such as a reciprocal linking program like ZEUS you'll get the desired result.

Glenn Canady from Gorilla Web Site Marketing has written a book on how he got ONE Million hits on his site in 3 months just by using the ZEUS program to create a tightly themed reciprocal Links Directory.

The best part of this strategy is that once you've mastered the ZEUS Web Site Promotions Technologies, and if you keep working it your traffic grows exponentially.

Viral Technologies

A viral technology is essentially something that has the ability to duplicate itself and/ or its message in some way.

One of the best examples of this would be an ebook that is given away for free such as SiteSell's The Affiliate Masters Course eBook. This technology duplicates its message easily, effortlessly... because it's such a quality work, but in this instance you're vitalizing someone else's message.

However [better plan] what if you wanted to vitalize your own message?

Four choices.

1. Create your own ebook using an ebook compiling program such as eBookCompiler and give it away on your site OR create your own ebook and then create an Affiliate Program to sell it... OR

2. Save yourself all this hard work and become a contributing Author with the eBookwholesaler system. EBW does it all for you. If you wish to understand how this system works download the EBW-eReport.

3. Use a sophisticated multimedia autoresponder such as PROautoresponder to vitalize (automate) messages.

Although AR's are not a true viral strategy as such they do the ability to automate massive amounts of your online marketing work AND... if you include a "Refer A Friend" system or a traffic loop back technique within your message sets then this vitalizes the system.

4. Use Jimmy D Brown's Traffic Virus technique.

Online Advertising

There are a myriad of ways to advertise online, and this is not the forum to discuss all of them.

One thing to remember though... just like in the real world nothing is actually ever FREE. If you use FREE programs usually you're in the business of advertising someone else. This is NOT what where you want to be UNLESS you get some promotional benefit out of doing this.

[Caution] "Look under the hood of any free program before you participate in it to see what benefit YOU get from participating in it."

Now, you can advertise IN something (like an ebook or an Ezine for example) or you advertise ON something (like a web site using a banner ad, testimonial, Pay Per Click Search Engine etc.) Pay Per Click Search Engines are most effective tools to drive qualified traffic to your site very quickly.

However, if you're advertising IN something then FIRST you need to TEST the effectiveness of your ad before you waste your money.

To test ads you need 2 technologies.

1. A tracking system such as HyperTracker to track the responses to your ads to give you the data to improve them.

... AND a way to test the ads before you invest significantly in them.

2. Andrew Fox's Ultimate Mailer safelist mailing system.

It's all about Testing and Measuring the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Once you've got your own *kick-butt* ad you can then use the Grandaddy of Ezine Directories on the web, the Directory of Ezines to broadcast your message in targeted, specific Ezines.

OPT-in Ezines

Start your own Ezine, which is critical to your online success.

The reason (when there are over 300,000 already in existence)?

Well, with OPT-in people choose to receive your information. They CONTINUE to choose to receive your information if your Ezine remains valuable to them. So, QUALITY and RELEVANCY is important.

AND... once people have OPTED-in to your Ezine you then have the opportunity to create a relationship with them.

Once you have established a relationship with them they're more likely to purchase from you.

The simplest (most cost effective, professional) way to create your own multimedia OPT-in Ezine is to use a web site design program such as FrontPage and a multimedia autoresponder system such as PROautoresponder

By using this approach you get access to two critical technologies for the price of one.

The use of multimedia AR's is critical for a number of reasons, which will be more fully explained in the next "techniques" section... AND with their broadcast function this means that you can broadcast, track and manage your OPT-in Ezine list effortlessly.

ALTERNATIVELY: use the newsletter server system that comes packaged with other critical tools on ROIbot, all valuable Web Site Promotions Technologies.

To wrap this up...

These above are some of the critical technologies to use with the promotion of your web site.

HOWEVER... it is just not possible to analyse and list every possible technology here, as every day more technologies are being developed to attract that valuable traffic.

All new technologies will be discussed in-depth in The e*Analyst ezine.

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