2.0 Web: What's it all about?

... And why should you care?

2 0 Web (or Web 2.0) is a major shift in the way we will all work and relate on the Internet. One can already see the impact of Web 2.0 on the Internet with the runaway success of sites like Myspace, YouTube and FaceBook.

And... there are more Web 2.0 sites being set up everyday!!

In essence Web 2.0 is all about INTERACTIVITY!

Solo Build It! (Sitesell's web business building system) recognized the growing impact of Web 2.0 on the Internet and has released its own Web 2.0 module (or content 2.0 as Solo Build It's system is called) that is "plugged into" an Solo Build It user's Solo Build It web site.

Solo Build It's Content 2.0 module makes content driven sites INTERACTIVE! And, this is a FIRST on the web.

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