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Marketing on the Internet may well be the future...

... BUT finding real Internet marketing training or quality information on the numerous ways to market online... and its variety of different strategies;

... SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, making money with AFFILIATE PROGRAMS, Email marketing and auto-responders, pay per click, social media, or mobile marketing (yadda, yadda, yadda.)

... or how to use Internet marketing strategies, techniques and systems to attract those valuable, pre-qualified visitors.

... or reputable INTERNET MARKETING TRAINING COURSES and ebooks which provide this critical information is somewhat akin to wading across an Australian mangrove mud flat wearing knee-length rubber boots.

The Problem with Internet Marketing Training.

There is just so much conflicting information about Internet Marketing... and doing this netBIZ thingy available on the web.

AND... everybody is screaming at you that they have the right solution to your particular Internet Marketing Training problem.

...If only you'd hand over your hard-earned cash you'd get to go live in that Internet Marketing BIG house, right?


Depending on where you currently are in this process of understanding this Internet Marketing beastie... YOU'LL NEED DIFFERENT KNOWLEDGE at DIFFERENT STAGES of your Internet Marketing training and skills development.


* How can you search for Internet Marketing answers when you still haven't figured out what your questions about Internet Marketing are yet, or which Internet marketing training to participate in? *

EASY! As with any worthwhile learning journey, with Internet Marketing ... You go STEP by STEP.

The Internet Marketing e*Knowledge Steps

Now this is where your search for Internet Marketing knowledge, and information on how-to-do business on the web gets much simpler!

EACH Webmaster is at a different stage in their own Internet Marketing training/ online marketing learning curve.


EACH Webmaster needs access to different Internet Marketing training resources and technologies which are appropriate to their particular stage of professional development... and the different skill-sets needed to market successfully on the web.

... AND like any skill learned, there are clearly identifiable steps to the acquiring (and mastering) of this Internet Marketing 'e*knowledge'.

One Size Does Not Fit All.

Different business structures need different approaches to their Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all system, and thus your Internet Marketing Training needs to fit YOU!.

Fundamentally, there are three distinctly different online business and Internet Marketing models.

Each model requires different approaches to its Internet Marketing Training.

Each requires different applications of Internet Marketing and web site promotion systems and strategies.

  • Digital business (100% online)
  • Bricks and Mortar business with an online presence
  • Business to Business (B2B)

Although this site primarily focuses on the operation of 100% online (digital) businesses many of the principals explored

here can be applied to the other two business models.

Now... with this being said, when you understand the processes and techniques involved it becomes just that much

easier to determine which particular size rubber boot you'll need to use to wade across your particular (web) mud-flat to get

to those BIG fish,

OR... in other words * which Internet Marketing model to use *

What Will You Find Here?

A complete understanding of all the elements needed to set up and operate your Internet business.

AND... a comprehensive overview of Internet Marketing strategies and systems, which can be accessed in the four (4)content-rich resource "directories" covering the following topics/ e*knowledge steps.

Section One - PLANNING

  • The Basics - Computer Knowledge Needed
  • What's An Idea Worth?
  • Setting Up A Commercial Web Site
  • Web Site Design - The Crucial Elements


  • The Critical Role Of Web Copywriting
  • Finding A Product Or Service To Sell
  • Creating A Product Or Service To Sell
  • Getting Paid - E-commerce Explained

Section Three - PROMOTION

  • Web site Promotion - The Technologies
  • Web site Promotion - The Techniques
  • Traffic Building & Strategic Relationships
  • Website Management

Section Four - RESOURCES

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Automate It!
  • Interviews and Articles
  • Additional Links To The WWW

Now, if you don't know where to start, or where your existing knowledge fits within this matrix of e*knowledge steps... then start at the beginning
Directory One/ PLANNING/ Section 1.

Each of the 4 links (top left and below) with take you to the different sections in the e*knowledge steps Directories.

The e*Analyst Ezine

If you haven't worked this out yet, you soon will. There's a LOT of NONsense in cyber space about doing business on the web.

If you're serious about developing a profitable web business then...
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... All new Internet Marketing & netBIZ information will be announced first in The e*Analyst ezine.


Thank you for visiting the FYHM site.

May your online enterprise be abundant, and your understanding of Internet Marketing become more complete.

Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst [MA Comm.]

Copyright(C)1999-2011, DMS Australia
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PROMOTION Directory of e*Knowledge Steps...
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RESOURCES Directory of e*Knowledge Steps...
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