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As email marketing comes under the legislative spotlight, more and more online marketers will look for alternative ways to market. New weblog systems like the Quikonnex system are rapidly becoming viable contenders to the crown.

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... riding the wave of change.

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[Special Note: FOCUS is always the key to success.

Note: As much as we really do appreciate your interest in exchanging links with FYHM, it is of CRITICAL importance (for both of us) that your website or weblog theme is "ON" topic with our website theme and topic.

Inappropriate link exchanges can actually damage a web site's Google PageRank. Neither of us want to be doing that to each other, right?

FYHM's theme/ topic is squarely focused on "internet marketing". Ensure that your website/ weblog theme is about an "internet marketing" related topic before you link to us. If it's not we cannot exchange links with you.

We may make exceptions to this rule to benefit certain charity sites, and individuals, however [in general terms] we will work with a disciplined linking strategy. Once again, Thank you for your interest in FYHM.

Step 2:
If you also want to exchange links with our reciprocal links directory then fill in the form at Exchange Links With The FYHM Directory.
[Here, we arrange DEEP link exchanges on FYHM with specific, keyterm-related websites.]

Exchange Blog, Channel Or Web Site Links

To implement this new system all you need do is...

CLICK ON... * Add your site to list * link [below].


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