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Is Email Marketing DEAD?... If (as a publisher of an ezine) you haven't been watching your 'bounce rate' you've been asleep at the wheel.

At least HALF of all broadcasts I do to my list DON'T get through to my (opt-in only) list of subscribers. Every emailing results in bounces, and spam complaints... and I DO NOT spam.

I've even had "Thank you" pages (used on the backend of a download) taken out by the ISP spam filters.

A colleague of mine in the UK can email me on only one of my four email addresses, yet I still receive 60 - 100 unsolicitored email a day AFTER my ISP has run its spam filters ??!!

FACE IT! Emailing Marketing is in dire trouble... or, it's got a terminal disease... or it's on its last legs?

Whatever! The spammers have won and legitimate hard-working publishers have lost the battle to publish their ezines freely.

Legislation is NOT going to change this situation. The spammers will still hide in their bunkers in foreign countries, and the thought police will continue to harrass legitimate publishers. It's time for a BIG change if you want to survive online. Embrace a new way of marketing!

Technology (as always) has come to the rescue! PUSH technology is dead and PULL technology is in. Email marketing is dead.

Get Smart. Get Out Of Emailing Marketing!

WELCOME to the complete solution to the disaster that email marketing has become for the increasingly harrassed (and legitimate) publisher, and the ever patient, spammed-into-oblivion subscriber.

My prediction is that (within 12 months) to market successfully online you will no longer use email marketing techniques. You'll be using channel publishing systems like Quikonnex, or you won't be publishing an ezine.

And... if you're searching for valuable information on any topic you'll begin moving towards ezines published on channels because you're SICK TO DEATH OF BEING SPAMMED!

In fact, I'm so impressed with this technology that I'm moving my entire list for The e*Analyst Ezine over to this NEXT evolution in online marketing ASAP, and moving away from email marketing as quickly as possible.

Multimedia, Interactive Publishing!

AND... this new technology handles multimedia, it's interactive... and it does NOT use email. The subscriber is always in complete control of their own subscriptions, so when a publisher does not perform by offering quality content, they're gone.

Does this then mean that I won't be using email at all?

No, it doesn't. I'll still use it for limited tasks like autoresponder systems, exchanging information with colleagues... and sending email to my Mum.

However, I won't be using it to publish my ezine, and increasingly I'll seek quality information that's being offered by other channel publishers at Quikonnex.

Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst

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