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DeskView: You search the Internet looking for information you want to educate yourself on a particular topic... and (if you're new to the internet) you'll subscribe in good faith to some system, and then find that your email inbox is now full with messages from people and systems that you've never subscribed to, and know nothing about??!!

It's called SPAM, and it's getting worse every day.

However, you have a problem because you still want to educate yourself. So, what do you do now... what are your choices?

These are your available choices...

  • Change your email address and STOP subscribing to anything at all! Well that'll get rid of your SPAM problem, but it won't solve your knowledge problem,

  • Get better SPAM protection and hope that you'll still get the email you actually want to receive. Good idea, however... there are no perfect anti-spam systems available.

  • Use DeskView, a total secure, non-email based desktop portal!

    You'll get direct access to PROVEN information providers and the information you want right from your very own desktop, and only... When You Choose To!

Here's How The FREE DeskView System Works!

  • When "DV" is launched (it's still in BETA test phase right now) you'll be able to download a small, completely secure executable file to your (Windows only) system.

  • Click the install file and "DV" will self-install to your system tray.

  • Every time I - or a guest Internet marketer whom I've choosen to help my 'subscribers' - publish an article on the DeskView system the "DV" icon on your own desktop blinks IMMEDIATELY that item has been published.

    [If you've ever missed the launch of some new system on the web you'll understand just how important time sensitive information can be.]

  • You click on the "DV" icon. DeskView opens up, and you read the new article.

    If you have any questions for the marketer who's written the article then all you do is add a comment to their article, and wait for their reply in the next article.

This Is Where It Gets Really Exciting!

Internet Marketing Audio Tips

DeskView is a desktop-based portal to the information YOU choose.

This means (because it's a web referenced system) that Deskview can access ANYTHING that can reside on the web.

My "DV" system will give you - my 'portal partners' - access to Internet marketing information via dynamic content, videos, audio... and my "DV" partners will be able to TALK to all contributing marketers in REAL time (even if you're still using dial-up).

READY For The Online Communication Revolution??!!

Then SIGN-UP for your FREE Internet Marketing Training Portal Below.

Live Well. Expect Success!
Kenneth Doyle

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