Taming the eBeastie

- 12 Part Report Series -

Internet Marketing Guide

Taming the eBeastie is a series of 12 - mission critical - reports on the business of doing business on the Internet...

Each quick-read report comes with its own AUDIO tutorial, as well as an 'info' screensaver to aid learning.

The screensavers for each of the topic-specific reports are designed to assist the reader with integration of the key information and necessary skills-set related to the knowledge needed for marketing on the Internet.

These 12 TEB reports will also be supported by a Qchannel. This members-only Qchannel - integrated into a new and revolutionary desktop based, RSS communication system - will be used to deepen the subscribers' knowledge of the content contained in each Taming the eBeastie e-report.

Think of these Taming the eBeastie e-reports as multimedia brain food, which have an in-built mentoring system... Speed Learning, Internet Style.

And... the BEST part of all this is that these reports are FREE.

The reports will be released one at a time, and...

We'll start "rolling out" the *Taming the eBeastie* reports very soon (we're still testing the non-email based desktop communication system).

However, you can get your e-reports [as soon as they're released] simply by completing the subscribe form below.

The release of all these 12 reports will ONLY be announced via this list.

Internet Marketing Guide

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