TrafficSwarm: Of all the systems we've used on FYHM this program
has been our most consistent performer in delivering unique
visitors to our web site... and thus we've given it its own page.

The system uses a raft of different techniques within its system... startpage, exitpage, resource search box etc.

When you use the program you accumulate *view* points on its system. An example of how you may accumulate points is by using an exitpage on your site.

When people LEAVE your site an exitpage pops up. You accrue traffic points. The exitpage includes different advertisements... none of which are yours, because your adds are always shown on other web sites. The points you accrue are then repaid as traffic to your site [via your adds] from other sites on the system.

Below is an example of the system's innovative Link Box system. It's somewhat like a mini Google Adsense system, only you get paid in additional visitors to your site by using it.

As with all similar programs on the web there's a free version and a pro version. To get optimum benefit it's recommended that you use the pro version of TrafficSwarm.

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