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Action Tips: Want to know how to market on the Internet?

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They're fast, furious... funny [and sometimes edible]. In fact they're [almost] the most fun you can have lying down.

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Once you've subscribed to the 'Crocodoyle's Internet Marketing A Tips' you can contribute to the action tips [and promote your own web site too].

Here's what you do:

First: Subscribe to the Croc's Action Tips [above], then...
Cut And Paste the following code onto your web site pages.

* Here's The Code For The Croc *

Cut and Paste The Following Code
Replace ALL (3) "&It;" with "<". It will work perfectly
- The image [below] will then load to the top right of your pages -

--->> &It;a href="" title="Crocodoyle's Internet Marketing Action Tips">&It;img src= align=right border=0>&It;/a> <<---

Put the croc up [smaller icon to the right] on your web site pages...

Then: Send us your Action Tip [the email link is in the tips]... and we'll include it in one of the Croc's after lunch editions. You'll get the contributor's web site link with your tip.

"All will become clear when you get the Croc's tips."
[spoken with a crocodoyle accent]

[Note: Please don't email the croc asking... "How do I do this"?
He's to busy looking for tourists for lunch.]

Action Tips

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