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There's a lot of NONsense zapping around cyberspace about doing business on the web...

*What works? ... What's worth your money?*


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Due to the ever-increasing nightmare now associated with email publication *The e*Analyst Zine* has CHANGED its publication technology to channels.

The ezine is now published using Quikonnex channels.

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However... When you do subscribe to the e*Analyst channel you also get access to an extremely useful RSS reader and bookmark server. QuikView is virtually a... one-click-to-subscribe-to-ANY-blog, and RSS tool. It's all free.

Significant Advantages To Subscribers

In addition to the valuable internet marketing related content that's always published in *The e*Analyst Zine* Qchannel, subscribers also get the following benefits from being a subscriber of channel publications.

  • It's all free. You only need the one click, self-install QuikView program (as above)... or you can use your existing RSS reader.

    With QuikView you'll be automatically informed when the publication you've subscribed to has published an article.

    You read content WHEN YOU WANT IT!

  • With QuikView installed, and as a Qmember, you get your own QMTP address; a completely secure, non-email based communication system.

  • Your email address is NEVER required to subscribe to any Qchannel publications EVER!

  • As a subscriber you maintain complete control over your own subscriptions. If a publisher doesn't perform then you can just pack up your bucket and spade and leave!

  • You can "talk" to your publisher via the Qchannel system. Ask your publisher questions, or comment on the article they've just published. Qchannels are a secure 2-way comunication medium.

The e*Analyst Zine (RSS Channel) Content

The ezine will now focus on four [4] main 'themes'.
It will still feature the audio comment feature.

  • Can I Get Off The Roller Coaster Now Please?
    Techniques for working net smarter.

  • Web Site Promotion Marketing.
    Power techniques, tools and strategies to promote your web site.

  • Products And Services To Sell.
    Analysis of products and services to sell on the net.

  • Web Copywriting Techniques.
    Learn how to turn your web site into a silent sales machine.


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The launch of *PROMOTE has been deferred until after the release of the TEB series.


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This zine is 100% Opt-in. Now that it is being published using Quikonnex Channel Technology email addresses are no longer required.

Your privacy will always be respected, and you can see our full privacy statement at ... Privacy Policy

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If you find any of the articles in The e*Analyst zine valuable and wish to reprint them in your own ezine (or blog) please feel free to do so.

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