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Create a product or service to sell online.

The Basics

Analyse the data returned from various web usage analysis programs over a period of time and a pattern begins to emerge. People continually request information on the following types of products/ services on the web.

  • Nude people doing interesting things
  • Dating agencies
  • Music
  • Games
  • Gambling
  • Software
  • Information

The convention on the web is that creating your own product or service to sell online is your fastest path to success.

AND... if you closely examine anyone who's a success online there's a constant pattern. Those at the top of the food chain are all selling their own products and/ or services.

Find Out What People Want - Give It To Them !

The quickest way to determine WHAT it is that you're going to sell to WHOM is to ...

R.. E.. S.. E.. A.. R.. C.. H .. - I.. T..

So, what does this mean?


You have to know your potential customer. You have to know "what hurts" them? Find [and then create] solutions to their problems and then you'll have the ...

WHAT? (which is your product)

The WHO and the WHAT go hand in hand. Find one and you'll find the other.

What you're interested in finding out is the demand/ supply equation.

Research Methods

If you're using Dr Ken Evoy's

Site Build It

system then research is a cinch.

Basically all you'd do is run your SBI Manager software with some of your product *idea* keywords.

Less than two hours later you'd have a list of keywords related to that product *idea* and a breakdown of their demand/supply and profitability.

Pick the one you like and go create (or find) a product using that keyword.


You can do research the following ways;

  • COPERNIC: [the premier search tool] This program helps you identify the SUPPLY side of the equation. The results of your Copernic search will identify what's already out there in relation to your web site theme/ product/ service... [Click here to get Copernic 2001 Pro]

  • JimTOOLS-KeyWordWizard: JimTOOLS is a wonderful collection of various analysis programs to help you A N A L Y Z E stuff, like keyword usage.

    Use JimTOOLS keyword analyzer to identify which keywords people are using to find things on the web. This identifies DEMAND...

  • WORDTRACKER: Another excellent tool. You'd examine the words that are being continually searched for, in relation to your theme. This would give you an indication of the DEMAND side of the equation. These words are usually generic and seasonal... WordTracker

  • Zoomerang: Actually ASK people what they want by purchasing respondents from an online surveying system... Zoomerang

What's NEXT?

Okay, now you've done your research. You've found your in-demand product or service. You now have to create it [your product] in a saleable format.

Now, there are literally thousands of product/ service options to choose from, so here we'll only deal with TWO of the highest in-demand products.

  • Infoproducts
  • Software

AND, as space does not allow, rather than tell you what to create we'll tell you HOW to create them.


Information products are created in either PDF format and/ or in EXE format.

PDF Files: Portable Document Format files can be read across platforms. This means that any computer can read the digital information you've created [usually an ebook.]

To create your PDF format information product (ebook) you'll need to own a copy of Adobe Acrobat distiller [ADOBE] and know how to format your document in PDF format.

The best shortcut-knowledge-resource for this is Scot Dantzer's
5 Minute PDF Creator

EXE Files: To create an EXE format ebook you'll need a program that converts your information into this format. EXE formats can only be read by PC's. There are many programs on the web that do this. However, the best, moderately priced, feature-rich program for this is Sunil Tanna's eBookCompiler

AND... if you want to know how to hang all of this together then read Dr Ken Evoy's

Make Your Knowledge Sell.

It's the definitive work on the subject of creating your own InfoProducts to sell online.


Now, this is a huge topic, and not one that can be adequately covered here. However, if development of your own software is something that interests you then there's one resource that does cover this topic in great detail SOFTWARE Secrets Exposed.

AND... the kicker here is that you do not have to know one line of code to be able to create your own software products. This ebook tells you how it's all done, step by step... Software Secrets Exposed

AND... Then There's The Shorter Path

Now, for those who want to take the shortest path to their "own" products there are some other options.

These options usually involve some system that someone else has set up. You just "rent the space" so to speak.

You'll find examples of these at Online Product Systems

To wrap this up...

So, it's your choice ... "Top Of The Food Chain" OR... "Sharing The $Take With Another." It can also be a case of Mix-N-Match. It's your choice.

These above are some of the critical aspects of creating a product or service to sell online.

HOWEVER... it is just not possible to analyse and list every possible alternative here, as every day more are being developed.

All new, valuable developments discovered will be discussed in-depth in The e*Analyst ezine.

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