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Using The Internet
* To Promote Your Business Locally! *

"It's The Search
For Quality Information
That Drives The Internet..."

When you fully UNDERSTAND this about the Internet you'll also understand how to use its systems to...
Promote Your Business LOCALLY...
[OR... across the globe.]

It's A Very Powerful Tool ...

Which Can Be Used To...

  • Gather sales leads

  • Screen your prospects
    *So, you only spend time with hot prospects...

  • Gather data
    *So, you better serve your existing clients/ customers...

  • Analyse campaign results
    *So, you KNOW what's working and what isn't...

  • Communicate directly with prospects
    *So, you convert prospects into customers quicker...
    At 1/10 of the cost, and in 1/10 of the time

  • Localize your promotional messages
    *So, you're communicating with those people most likely to buy from you...

  • Drive foot traffic into your business
    *So you get more sales when you need them...

  • A U T O M A T E all of this
    *For much less than any other promotional medium...

Who'll Benefit From Attending ...

  • Any business WITH an Internet presence
    that wants to learn how to use the Internet to promote itself LOCALLY ... before wasting any more money!

  • Any business WITHOUT an Internet presence
    that wants to learn how use the Internet to promote itself LOCALLY ... before money is wasted!

  • Any business that wants to reduce its promotional costs...
    and increase its sales

  • Any business person who wants to better understand how to market
    their [bricks and mortar] business using the Internet

What You'll Learn ...

  • How to use the Internet to promote ANY business across the street...
    or across the globe.

  • Techniques that are used with great success on the Internet right now...
    and how to use these techniques for the promotion of your own business

  • A brand new model of marketing which has evolved on the net...
    and how to use it to promote your own business.

  • How to do all this for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods... and achieve powerful, verifable results

Where & When Is It ...

Business SA

136 Greenhill Road

- WHEN -
Monday, June 16th
[6.30pm - 9.30pm]

Phone Kenneth Doyle
on 0416 351 604
for more information

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