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My name is Kenneth John Doyle.

I'm the Webmaster at FYHM, and the creator/ presenter of the seminar series: "Using the Internet To Promote Your Business Locally".

I'm an Australian who has some 25 years experience in Media/ Marketing/ PR/ Copywriting... and a degree in the stuff to boot.

I've worked Nationally and Internationally, and thus I got to know some things.

The net? Well, some years ago I was the National Dealer Newsletter Editor for Osborne (Computer Corporation) Australia. That was in the days when CPM was the standard operating system.

Osborne no longer produces computers, and CPM is now a defunct operating system. However, I've got a bit of techno knowledge under my belt here.

I've worked seriously on the net for the last 3 years... mostly writing web site copy, assisting with start-ups, and ghostwriting ebooks.

However, as a trained and experienced marketer I finally got just a little tired of all the NONsense and misinformation running around the net about marketing.

I decided to expose these myths by giving people good, solid, reliable information on how to use this wonderful communication and promotional tool, the Internet.

And What About Internet Marketing?

Marketing is a skill. It's a discipline and knowledge that can be learned and applied to anything, including the net.

AND... it's not some big secret as many (supposed) net marketers would have you believe. It's simply the application of proven marketing techniques [that have been developed over 50 + years] to a new medium.

FYHM is my response to this NONsense about marketing on the net.

And What About This Internet Seminar?

The Internet is the ideal, low cost *get results* promotional medium for [bricks and mortar] businesses, large and small.

However... to use the Internet to promote your [bricks and mortar] business locally (or across the globe) you'll need to understand that there is much more involved here than just putting up a web site.

When you understand this you'll also understand how to [virtually] put the promotion of your own business on automatic pilot.

This is what this seminar is about... "Using the Internet [and its emerging technologies] to promote your own business locally [or across the globe]".

And... as a contributor to In-Business Magazine this is the message I want to get out to Australian businesses.

I hope to be of service to you.

Kenneth Doyle

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