Web Site Automation

Web Site Automation: Make your site a lean, mean, automated selling machine.

This is where we separate the web-wannabe's from the webPRO's.

This is where the "dream" of earning an income while you're improving your tan at the beach becomes a reality.

Web Site Automation is the difference !!

There are eight elements needed to create a PROFITABLE web site.

  • Your own HOT product

  • A SELLING web site

  • Traffic

  • A communication system (an ezine)

  • Message duplication systems (viral techniques)

  • Income multiplication system (Affiliate program)

  • Backend selling system

  • AUTOMATION of the key processes

So, What Can You AUTOMATE?

Now this is the true wonder of the web... its ability to automate virtually every aspect of your web business. Let's break this down.

Your Own Quality Product

Digital Product DELIVERY

Now - although you can automate the delivery of tangible goods - automation works best with digital products (information and software.)

1. Choose your ecommerce provider wisely. The payment process should be as seamless and transparent as possible for the purchaser of your eproducts.

Ideally, your ecommerce provider should provide:

  • Customer support for transactions

  • Credit controls for transactions

  • Transparent payment processing for the purchaser

  • An integrated - easy to join - affiliate program

  • Automated payment of your affiliates

  • Transparent transactions for the vendor

There are four choices here.



Commission Junction

AND... the soon to be released



If you're using the

Site Build It!

system then this is easy, because the Search Engine submission processes are already automated within the system. All you do is build pages and the SBI system does the rest.

However, if you're not using SBI then you'd use these automation tools.

Web Position Gold (for Search Engine submission) OR...

ROIbot (for Search Engine Spider submission + a mix of other valuable tools AND/ OR...

ZEUS [for generating reciprocal link partners.]

A Communication System [an ezine]

Unfortunately, with this critical web site promotional tool you're still going to have to do most of it manually.

However there are aspects of it which can be automated.

The subscribe/ unsubscribe process needs to be transparent and easy for the user. This MUST be automated.

Tools like OPTin Lightning make this process very easy.

ROIbot includes an autoresponder, newsletter server, integrated forms and a S.E. spider tool with its PRO version.

AND... another highly recommended, multi-purpose system is PROautoresponder , which can be used to publish your ezine, automate the subscribe/ unsubscribe, and [as it's a sophisticated autoresponder system] handle your backend selling systems.

Message Duplication Systems


These 'systems' are essentially ebooks, reports and mini- courses that you'd give away to vitalize the promotion of your web site.

Again, the PROautoresponder system is ideal for handling the automated processes [subscription/ download instructions/ follow-up email] that are needed here. ROIbot - although less sophisticated - is also another tool of choice.

If you wish to understand how to create your own viral products then visit the Create A Product page on this site.

Income Multiplication System

Affiliate Programs

Your own well run and properly managed Affiliate Program is the ultimate Income Multiplication System.

As stated before this whole process needs to be as automated as much as possible.

While you DO want to be providing premium quality affiliate support you DON'T want to be spending your time answering unnecessary questions.

For your affiliate program to be successful it needs to provide training tools, promotional tools, and a communications process.

You can either do all of this yourself using a program like My Affiliate Program. OR...

Choose a good mix of a quality ecommerce provider/ affiliate program support (any one of the above 4) PLUS a quality autoresponder system (such as PROautoresponder) which will automate most of these processes for you.

Backend Selling System

People just don't land on your web site and buy from you the first time. They need to form a relationship with you, either via your ezine or through your backend selling mechanisms (ebooks, reports and mini-courses etc.)

Your backend selling system is initiated from either your web site, or it is attached to a viral mechanism you've given away as a free download.

You need a "Look Mum, no hands" type system, which automates the delivery of a series of information/ sales messages when people have give you permission to send them information.

The BEST way to do this is with professional autoresponders.

Autoresponder systems will automate the entire subscribe/ unsubscribe/ delivery process for you.

All you do is set up your system once... and then it runs automatically.

PROautoresponder - a robust, fully featured, multimedia autoresponder system - is ideal for this automation task. Its uses are limited only by your imagination.

Now, to wrap this up...

These above are some of the critical aspects of Automating your web site.

HOWEVER... it is just not possible to analyse and list every possible technique here. All new techniques will be discussed in-depth in The e*Analyst ezine.

The e*Analyst

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I've just received another issue of your ezine and wanted to say that I really like the way you focus on a particular subject, and then feature a resource as an easy way to accomplish a particular technique that you've previously mentioned (I hope that makes sense?) ... and all without lots of hype in the way.

Thanks for the refreshing change and valuable info :)
Steve Shaw - http://www.PopupMaster.com

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