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  • *ALL of this needs planning*

To learn anything we all go through a process! All new knowledge learned is always built on previous knowledge. THIS is how we all integrate new concepts.

If you're determined to build a successful E-business then you're going to have to learn some new skills. This is the fact!

AND... this is EXACTLY what these 4 PLANNING Directories are all about...

* the learning STEPS TO eKNOWLEDGE *

In these Directories we only focus on the key, critical understandings necessary to operate a profitable Internet business. Understand these concepts and you too can run a successful web business.

Now, as we don't know you personally only you can decide where you currently "reside" on this Knowledge ladder of Internet Success. And... only you can take the necessary steps to achieve your goals!

These Planning Directories are just meant to be guides for your quest.

We've just walked ahead of you, is all.

If you don't have the time to read these 4 Directories [below]...

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The Basics - Computer Knowledge Needed.

If you're new to all this computer stuff then you're going to need some basic computer skills under your belt BEFORE you shoot-fire-aim.

If you take a "shoot-fire-aim" approach with your web venture then you're headed for some MAJOR (and unnecessary) frustration.

Breathe slowly, curb your impatience... learn these skills FIRST.

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