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Lesson FIVE...

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur...

Last lesson we learned How To Use Text Links Within Your Web Site Copy To Build Focused Multiple Mailing Lists

With this lesson we'll focus on...

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Where do most of the unique visitors first arrive on your web site?
... The front page (the /index page)!

IF, the sales copy on your front page is good, and it seems to answer the questions that are running in the visitor's head, they will then proceed to click through your site via your - now loaded with benefits - NAV bar links,

Eventually these unique visitors will click off (elsewhere) when they've got what they wanted, or (click off more quickly) if they didn't get what they wanted.

You've got about 5 seconds to GRAB peoples attention on a web site, so what are you going to do with this 5 seconds?

DRIVE Them To Your Most Wanted Response ON Your Site!

Most people put up a slide in, float down, or pop up "Subscribe To My Ezine" type box. Well, everyone has got one of those (subscribe to my ezine systems) on their web site. Now that ezines are everywhere on the net this approach has lost most of its luster.

Why? Well, because you haven't proven yourself to me (unique visitor/ potential subscriber) yet.

This is our first date (me arriving on your web site), and you're expecting 'kissy kissy' already? NOT likely buster. "Take your hand off my mouse button, right now... or I'm leaving" (never to return).

Versus... "I (web site owner) want to give you a free (valuable) gift so that you can get to know me better, before we hang out together."

So what am I (change tense again) unique visitor/ potential subscriber likely to do now? I'm much more likely to click on the link and subscribe to, and download, the (in-context with your web site theme) gift.

These unique visitors have entered your web business 'system'. They have now moved from 'lookers' to potential clients and/ or business partners.

1. You can now promote subscription to your ezine. People are much more likely to subscribe to it, and actually READ it now.
[Note: You need to have a distinct path to the signup of your ezine on your NAV bar. This is an additional path to ezine sign ups.]

2. You've got new subscribers/ potential business partners on a list, which clearly identifies their interests. You now have their attention, an opportunity to develop a relationship with them and the real possibility of actually selling to them.

3. You have not moved these unique visitors off your web site, and if the gift you've just given them is actually worth buying then your value to them as a quality information source has just s-o-a-r-e-d.

4. You can 'flick the switch' on your front page [internal to your web site] new, smart promotion system any time you want.

Use it to build multiple, targeted optin lists from the traffic that's arriving on your site. Keep these unique visitors on your site, and move them into your web business 'system'.

Okay, this brings us to the end of the...

* Mining The Diamonds In Your Own Backyard * - A Mini Course On The ... "5 Simple, Easy-To-Implement Tactics To Monetarise The Traffic Which Is Already On Your Web Site".

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I wish you well in your web endeavors.

Live Well. Expect Success!

Kenneth Doyle - eAnalyst

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