* Mining The Diamonds In Your Own Backyard *

A Mini Course By Kenneth Doyle

'5 Simple, Easy-To-Implement Tactics To Monetarise
The Traffic Which Is Already On Your Web Site.'

Lesson ONE...
Dear Fellow Entrepreneur...

Welcome to the * Mining The Diamonds In Your Own Backyard *
- Mini Course

A couple of things before we get started...

There is a classic formula used in advertising called A.I.D.A
Attention, Interest, Desire, ACTION).

Now, you can get three of these steps right... but if you do not take the final, most critical step, ACTION... then 'ain't nuthin gonna work now is it?' :-)

So, take ACTION with this information. Apply it!
It's only then that you will get the results you desire!

I'll tell you exactly what you need to do in these lessons, and then it's up to you to apply these principles, strategies and techniques.

Okay let's get started...

What's Your NAVAGATION Bar doing?

1. Flopping about in the wind?

2. Promoting all the wonderful things both you and your Mum know you're really good at?

3. Directing people OFF your web site the moment they arrive (yes people actually do this)?

4. Giving people so many DIFFERENT choices that they make NO decision at all and leave?

Let's take these points one by one...

1. Flopping around in the wind...

Hmmmm, well (suggestion) use better sails to keep the boat afloat :-)

2. Promoting all those wonderful things...

People are NOT on your web site to read your life story, or about that wonderful trip you took up the Amazon River with your High School mates (3 of whom were eaten by crocodiles).

They're on it because they're interested in the INFORMATION (solutions to their specific problems) which your web site (hopefully) offers them!

FOCUS Your NAV Bar On Solutions To Visitors Problems.

If you were a SEO expert an example of this would be your "Services" Tab. It could be renamed "Traffic Generation" or "Get More Traffic" (see the 'benefit'?).

If you were selling Albanian dog food formulas, instead of using "Buy Dog Food" as a NAV bar link you could use multiple nav bar links, "Dog Nutrition". "Puppy Formulas", "Best Buy Dog Food".

With this (multiple nav links to the same page and/ or different pages) approach you've just spoken directly to 3 distinct sub-groups interested in your offers... people interested in dog nutrition, people who have puppies, and people interested in the best deal available, All this RIGHT from your NAV Bar... and all people who are dog lovers.

3. Directing people OFF your web site...

Oh, I love this one. I arrive on a web site and right up at the top is an ad, Google Adwords set, or a popup that takes me elsewhere.
Why? What's the point? If I'm already on your web site I'm interested in what YOU have to say.

If you're using this "tactic", stop it, take it off... or redirect people to something ON-site.

4. Giving people to many different - out of context - choices...

The Human brain can only handle thinking about SIX things at one time. Give people to many - out of context - options and they become confused, make NO decision at all and go away (usually back to watching the roast dinner cook).

Many, many marketers on the net suffer from this "link out to everywhere else" disease. Their "theory" (I assume) is that "if I put links to everything, everywhere then people are bound to click on something, right?"

WRONG! Keep your site totally focused and "within theme".

Use your NAV bar to FOCUS people's attention on your OWN offerings. Keep them on your OWN web site.

Now, your "offering" could well be someone else's product that you're promoting, however it's a much better strategy to set up a page on your own site for this offer, and redirect people to that page from your NAV bar or from text links within your own web site copy.

Make sure that any (necessary) link-outs ONLY load new browser windows, and ensure that your NAV bar is prominent on every page of your site, so people can find their way back to you.

NEXT lesson we'll focus on... * How To Use Text Banner Ads To Promote Your Own Offers, Internally * (on your own web site).

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Live Well. Expect Success!

Kenneth Doyle - eAnalyst

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