List Servers

List Servers

Each of these list-servers have different features, however they all have one thing in common... they're professional, proven, web-tested applications.

There are FREE and PAID systems included in the following selection.

Basically, it's a *horses for courses* approach.

What do you need? What's your budget?


TOPICA is a FREE ONline list-servers management system.

It's an ideal place to start if you're just getting started.

TOPICA is rich in features, however - because it's free - you get to promote TOPICA (and their advertisers.)

Also, it's a "hands-on" system. Apart from the automated subscribe/unsubscribe features, you "do it yourself."

Ideal If You're Just Starting Out.

#2 SparkLIST

SparkLIST is ideal for the high end user.

It's the perfect solution for a webmaster with established (or multiple) lists who wants to outsource their list/s management to professionals.

Again, it's a fully featured system.

Highly Recommended For The High End User

#3 ProAutoResponder

ProAutoResponder is DEFINATELY the best of the ONline autoresponder systems for list management.

The reasons? Well, you just plain get so much value for your money with the PAR system.

Not only it is PAR a fully featured AR system (text, html, AOL and voice capability) but it's really simple to use. Once you've got your list loaded it's automatic (apart from writing and broadcasting your ezine.)

Highly Recommended Multi-Purpose List-Servers System.

#4 OPTinlightning

OPTinlightning is fully featured, automated, best-of-breed list management software with AR capability.

OPTin is the idea solution if you want to manage your own list from your own desk top.

Excellent If You Want Desk Top Control.

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