Internet Marketing Ezines And Resources

Internet Marketing Ezines And Resources exist in great abundance on the web, so how does one decide which ones to use... and which ones to l o s e?

It's really the quality of information in an Internet marketing ezine that ultimately matters, and when this quality is delivered the ezine publisher and the readership form an unstated agreement.

This (unstated) agreement is that "I (the reader) will not click the UNsubscribe link and long as you (the Ezine publisher) continue to send me valuable and timely information on Internet marketing, and web marketing strategies.

So what makes quality information?

T... R... U... T... H...

The internet is so vast a place that it is IMPOSSIBLE to cover all possible Internet Marketing knowledge in a single Internet Marketing Ezine and resource.

So, what you do (as an Editor) is focus on telling your truth, because as you become wiser about the internet you realise that there are MANY truths... and your truth is just as valid as anyone elses.

Unfortunately, many Internet Marketing Ezines and resources are simply a waste of bandwith, and after you've seen so many AWESOME opportunity adds in an ezine the switch off rates increase rapidly.

The KEY elements

  • Tell the TRUTH
  • FOCUS on offering solutions to problems and your ezine will become a valued resource
  • Treat you subscribers like GOLD

There's one source - The Directory Of Ezines - which follows ALL the rules of quality Internet Marketing Ezines. It is regarded as one of the prime sources of quality ezines on the web.

Reputable Internet Marketing Ezines

The following Internet Marketing Ezines are quality ezines that continually deliver valuable information.

Promoting Your Own Ezine.

If you already have your own ezine and wish to promote it then that's a different matter.

One of the most effective programs to rapidly increase the size of your list is Jason Potash's Ezine Announcer.

Another effective tool that can be used to get valuable exposure for your ezine is Ezine Blaze.

Internet Marketing Ezines And Resources

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