*Strategies for working net-smarter*

WORKING with Popups...

"Pop-up's here, Pop-up's there, Pop-up's everwhere"
"To Pop-up or not to Pop-up? That is the question."

My view...

Pop-up's CAN be a very powerful marketing tool OR a very serious turn-off. It all depends how they're used.

People come to your web site looking for information. REMEMBER this when you utilize any pop-up strategy.

The Rules Of Reciprocity

Every culture has unwritten rules for what is called reciprocal behaviour. These "rules" are unstated, and are regarded as "polite" behaviour. Those who knowingly, or unknowingly break these "rules" are regarded as RUDE.

What this simply means is that "I do "X" for you... and then you do "X" for me." Now, how on earth does behavorial science relate to Pop-ups, and their use on your web site?

POP-up Rule #1: First you GIVE something of value... then you GET something of value. Exchange a valuable download for an email address.

POP-up Rule #2: Use Pop-up's to add value to the viewers experience of your site. Think of pop-up's as a digital - "Ahem. Would this help you in your quest for information?" - reference.

POP-up Rule #3: Be POLITE.

POP-up Rule #4: ONLY offer a download that is in context with the theme and content of your site.

POP-up Rule #5: NEVER use multiple Pop-up/ Pop-under's... and have them work ONCE only. If you don't do this then your customer thinks "What part of NO is it that you don't understand?" They get angry and leave, because you've blatantly broken the cultural rules of reciprocal beahviour.

POP-up Rule #6: Ensure that your Pop-up is EASY to close.

POP-up Rule #7: Use Pop-up's OR Pop-under's. Do NOT use both. It confuses people.

POP-up Rule #8: Use On-Entry Pop-up's to promote your site. Use On-Exit Pop-up's for exit-exchanges.

POP-up Rule #9: SURPRISE people with your generosity by giving them an additional, valuable, in-context backend download (as a Thank you) for the first download. Within the rules of reciprocal behaviour they will now "owe" you... even if the "payment" is just to have a good feeling about your site.

POP-up Rule #10: Treat your visitor with RESPECT, and they will reciprocate with respect.

Now, there are many options when it comes to Pop-up creation systems. Most of these options involve adding a script to your site.

However, if you're not a non-techie (like me) and yet you'd still like to have complete control over how your pop-up will look and operate (within the rules of reciprocal behaviour) then ...

... the best 15 minute-jump start-install pop-up generator I've found is Steve Shaw's Pop-up Master.

You can get it here... Popupmaster

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