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This issue we're focused on Popups.

Most people use pop-ups on the front page of their site (on entry or exit) to promote a free download, report, or use it to request an opt-in to their newsletter.

Let's look at different ways Popups might be used to promote your site.

REMEMBER that people come to your site looking for information. They do not come there to buy.

If your site is a content rich site on a specific topic popups can be used to ...

  • Enhance the visitors experience of the site and

  • Become the vehicle to connect visitors to an automated selling system such as... PROautoresponder which can completely automate the sending of a series of messages.

Imagine this ...

A visitor is reading the content of one of the pages of your content rich site, and while they're doing this a discrete popup presents itself suggesting to them that if they want more detailed/ in-depth information on the topic that they can subscribe to the "Special Report."

Now, I don't know about you, but I have never, ever come across a web site that can deliver EVERYTHING on a particular topic.

In part this is due to the nature of the web itself, and in part it's because people have difficulty mentally integrating large slabs on information in one sitting.

REMEMBER that people come to your site looking for information. They do not come there to buy.

USE THIS knowledge to augment your selling process.

Here's what you do.

  • Create an autoresponder series on a specific topic that relates to the content of a particular web page. Think of it as "drilling down deeper" into the topic.

    Use the premium multimedia AR system on the web to deliver it... PROautoresponder

  • Create a discrete popup using ... Popupmaster

    What I mean by discrete is this... a small, grey popup which says "Would you like more, detailed information on subject "X"? Fill in your name and email address and it will be emailed to you immediately.

    This popup presents (at page top or bottom) within the time it takes an average reader to read 1/4 of your page (say 5 seconds.)

    WHAT'S just happened here?

    Well, if this is done discretely your visitor will regard the popup as a thoughtful non intrusive gesture to help them understand the topic better.

    HOWEVER... if the popup presents as an all guns blazing,gimme your email address style popup your site will be dismissed, and rightly so.

    Think discrete. Think helpfullness.

    Caution: Do NOT use this technique on every page of your content rich site. Use it sparingly, and rotate the message sets. This can done easily with the endless configurations Popupmaster allows you to create.

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