*All that glitters is not gold. So, where's the gold?*

There's a lot of NONsense on the web. We all know that by now.

However... There's also a lot of good stuff.

YET... How do you find the good stuff?

**Every Business Is In The Problem Solving Business**

Over fifty years ago the laws of marketing were developed, tested and refined. One of these critical laws is the one above.

What this "law" basically means is that nobody actually sells anybody anything.

All we ever really do is solve someone's problems.

And, if we solve peoples problems well then we have a thriving business. If we don't this then our business dies.

So, how does this (above) law relate to you, your web site and "finding/ creating products or services to sell?"

Irrespective of what your web business is, every web business needs certain services, and knowledge sets to do what it needs to do [sell its ideas, products or services] on the web.

Its basic web business needs are...

  • A product or service to sell

  • A web site that delivers these products or services to prospective customers/ clients

  • Knowledge of how to construct a web site that is an efficient, finely tuned selling machine

  • Knowledge of how to position this selling web site on the Search Engines using high demand keywords and/ or a means or a technology to automate S.E. submission, and identify these high demand keywords.

  • Knowledge on how to market the web site to prospective customers/ clients

  • A mechanism [ezine] to continue communicating with customers and clients.

  • A mechanism that can automate the up-selling/ cross- selling processes

  • An affiliate system to increase the promotional power, reach and profitability of the site

  • A stable, secure ecommerce system that handles all of its transactions

  • Resourced, reliable, stable web services that can deliver all of the above. Businesses that have already demonstrated their longevity on the web, and will be on the web doing business on the web for years to come.

WHAT IF... All of the above could be found at ONE web site in ONE integrated system?

WHAT IF... This ONE web site already has a stable 2 year history on the web, a reputation for quality products, customer service and integrity... and was also backed financially by a multimillion dollar corporation?

WHAT IF... Most of the key marketing personalities on the web have been continually enthusiastic about this ONE web site and its products since the day it launched itself on the web?

WHAT IF... This ONE web site has one of the largest affiliate networks on the web, and many of these affiliates are routinely being paid many thousands of dollars every month.

Would you be interested in finding out why?

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