April has been an interesting month. NOT!!

The system used for the broadcasting of The e*Analyst ezine was seriously hacked, which turned the entire system into digital confetti.

It took over 2 weeks and a sizeable amount of folding green stuff and people hours to get the system back online.

This cannot be proven, but it's a reasonable assumption that "hacking" is now regarded - in certain quarters - as a legitimate competition reduction strategy.

What this hacking does say is that someone regards PAR as a serious threat to their autoresponder business... and so they should, because it is.

Maybe it's the Australian in me, but this sort of [crawl out from under a rock] behaviour just angers me.

However, if there's a silver lining in this cloud of despair it's PROautoresponder and its people. They were truly magnificient.

And... I now truly know that I'm working with consummate professionals who actually care about my online business.
This is a comforting thought.


"Welcome to this issue of the e*Analyst ezine."

I hope to be of service to you.

Enjoy this issue. Okay, now let's get to work.

KJ Doyle - e*Analyst

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