The web is something we R..E..A..D..
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The web is something we R..E..A..D..

You have 5 seconds to interest a new visitor in your web site. That's 5 seconds ONLY!!

**Critical Technique #3. "Engage Your Reader!"**

GOOD copywriting engages the reader. It pulls the reader into your text and involves them.

POOR copywriting sells to people.

REMEMBER... "Every business is in the problem solving business."

Nobody has arrived at your site (unless you've pre-sold them through an AR series, an ezine, an ebook or your site/ product has been recommended by someone they know) with the intention of buying from you. They're seeking information on a topic.

AND... you have no more than one page to convince them that you and your product have the right solution for their problem.

How do you do that?

A... I... D... A...

Attention: You get their attention with your headline. Your headline identifies with THEIR problem.

Interest: You cement their interest because your copy clearly spells out the BENEFITS of your product/ system (in relation to the solving of their problem.)

Desire: If you have completed stage 2 (interest) correctly you will have created a desire within your reader. The pain of their problem is resolveable WITH your product/ service.

Action: Ask them to do something. [e.g. Order HERE]

ALL four steps are critical. However, it's the first two that engage the reader. If you haven't engaged their interest within these first two steps you've lost them.

There's a wealth of information about the skill of copy writing available on the web.

However If you want to study the BEST at their craft, then work with the best... "The 3 Joe's... Vitale, Robson and Sugarman.

ALL of these copywriters have sold MILLIONS of $'s for their clients with their words.

Joe Vitale-Advanced Hypnotic Writing

Joe Robson-Make Your WORDS Sell

Joe Sugarman-Psychological Triggers

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