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The Three CORE Ways Web Site Content Gets Traffic!

Three Core Reasons Why Adding Web site Content Increases Your Traffic.

It is now a well established fact that people primarily use the Internet to search for information on specific topics to solve specific problems.. Now (of course) there are other ways the Internet is used too.

However (primarily) the Internet is an information delivery medium. It is NOT a "sell" medium (even though that happens) . It's simply a matter of identifying the mediums marketing "logic" to work out how best to use it to sell on it .

In essence people on the Internet are looking for content that is relevant to their purpose, need or problem.. They typically are not looking for marketing ploys.

Now, there are a number of ways to increase this content, Including having a search engine optimization company provide you with keyword rich articles. There are three primary reasons why more web site content increases your web site traffic.

The first reason more web site content increases traffic to your web site is that content articles tend to be focused on a specific topic.. This focus will naturally lead to the repeated use of a specific keyword or phrase. The natural and repeated use of this phrased leads to higher search engine rankings, naturally.

Search engine rankings are the way findings/ results come back to an Internet user when they search for a 'solution to their problem' via a search engine.

If someone searches for the term dogs they will get many millions of pages of results. The order in which these results are displayed on the screen depends on a number of factors including how frequently the term is mentioned on the site and where it is mentioned on the site, and the exact phrase the user typed into the search field on their favorite Search Engine.

In other words, if you get the SEARCH key phrases right, and you continue to create content focused on that topic, you will ALWAYS be on the top of the search engines for that particular phrase. The Internet is a content driven medium, thus the web site with the most (focused) content within a specific theme will always win. It's as simple and as complicated as that. Of course there are other offsite factors such as back linking and RSS etc, but this is not the focus of this article.

Research continually shows that people tend only to click on the first ten results a search engine offers them. Increasing your web site content will help you become one of these first ten web sites (within specific key phrases). This means more people than you ever thought possible will be clicking on your site in no time simply because of your top ten ranking for a specific keyword or key phrase.

Not only will you be closer to the top of the search engine rankings with more content, you will also be indexed by more search engines. This could mean that something like ninety percent of all Internet users seeing your web site in any one given Internet session for a specific key phrase.

The second reason more web site content increases traffic is more complicated. If you have strong, well written content on your site, you increase your credibility with customers.

Suddenly you are no longer a company selling homemade dog food. You are somebody who can offer knowledgeable advice about anything a responsible dog owner needs to know including house training, leash laws, and sleeping problems.

This increase in credibility not only makes people believe what you have posted to your site, it also makes them want to stay at your site LONGER to read the rest of your content articles on a topic about which they are PASSIONATE and ACTIVELY searching for on the Internet.

The more keyword focused content articles you have on your site the easier they will find you and longer they will stay there.

Keeping people on your site as long as possible is the key to selling your product to them.

You simply have more time in which to pitch them your product or service (in multiple ways) and thus close more sales. Not only will they stay at your site longer when your site has more focused content they are far more likely to return to your site the next time they search the Internet for information that's within your topic.

For example, if you are selling refilled printer ink cartridges, and you have content on your site which relates to all things printers you have a far better chance that someone might stay to look at a few of your other articles on your web site.

However, the next time they need digital photo printing tips, chances are good that they will remember what great content you offered them during their last Internet session, and they will return directly to your site just to read more of your topic focused content..

This means you have their complete, undivided attention for an even longer period of time this time. Moreover, if they are returning to your site on a regular basis, chances are good that they will recommend the site to other users like their friends and relatives which will mean even more traffic to your site.

The final way more web site content increases your web traffic is that it increases the probability that advertisers and reciprocal link exchangers will be attracted to your site. Reciprocal links are exchanged by web sites that have similar interests. The more relevant topics you are able to list, the more chances you have of someone with similar interests attempting to link to your site.

This could greatly increase your web site traffic because not only will people be able to find your site through search engines, they may also be able to find your site through other sites.

And... advertisers are looking for sites that encourage customers they want to do business with. More keywords will mean more customers for you, which can mean more advertisers for you, which can mean more profits and visibility for you.

No matter which reason you choose to add more content to your site it will always increase your web site traffic. This can only mean good things.Continually adding keyword focused content to your web site is one of the best ways to grow your web business. You can have these keyword rich content articles written for you, or you can write them yourself.

Whichever way you choose to go here be sure that your articles are well-written. Badly written articles will do little to increase your web site traffic, and most likely will affect your credibility.

Live Well. Expect Success!

Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst
Copyright (c) 2006

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