Web Site Traffic

Web Site Traffic Building and Strategic Relationships.

Every webmaster's endless quest is building quality web site traffic.

  • Search Engines
  • Pay per Click Search Engines
  • Ezines
  • Articles
  • Testimonials
  • Recipricol linking
  • Viral methods
  • ebooks

... the list goes on and on.

There are NUMEROUS methods which can be used to get you that vital traffic.

HOWEVER... there is ONE method that completely cuts out ALL the confusion of which "method" or "mix of methods" to use.

AND... rather than it being a particular method... it's an attitude!

You see it's just not possible to ever completely dominate the traffic sources on the web... no matter how much money you throw at acquiring it. The dot.com crashes clearly demonstrated this.

The web is a level playing field for all participants.

The reason? Well, because its driving force is people searching for information. People use the web... to find information.


It doesn't matter to your visitors if you're a huge dot.com, or just one person working in a garage. What MATTERS to them is whether or not you can solve their particular problem... in a masterly manner !!

Completely understand this... and you'll understand TRAFFIC !!

Become a Specialist and SHARE.

There is a principle on the web... "First you give, then you get."

What this means is that in a sea of knowledge you need to become a shining light within a specialist area and SHARE your knowledge.

This is NOT about free. This is NOT about giving things away to get something back. It's about SHARING.

Once you understand this completely overriding principle about SHARING that operates on the web it totally eliminates the mass confusion about "which web site traffic generation system to use"... because you're operating out of a "space" of giving rather than taking.

ALL the "Gurus" on the web have ALL done this one thing !!

First-up they shared their knowledge... and then they *got*

AND... this principal operates whether you're promoting gardening tools, atomic warheads or how to build your ezine list.

... GIVE ... then get ...

How does this work?

Well, it's all about an exchange of value.

You're going to demonstrate to every visitor that they will get more value from an association with you [in your particular knowledge area] than anywhere else.

This approach creates rapport and TRUST.

You do this by...

  • Being HONEST with the description of your web site.

  • By never making claims that are misleading

  • Always adding MORE value than what is expected

  • Giving away your knowledge (in the form of ebooks, autoresponder message sets and usefull tools) for which people would be more than willing to pay good money.

REMEMBER...EVERY "Guru" uses these 'techniques."... and they do so for very good reasons. They work !!

Three examples of this sharing 'technique'


A truly good example of this principle in operation is Ken Evoy's masterly ebook Affiliate Masters Course.

This ebook is a comprehensive step-by-step explanation on how to become a high earning affiliate, yet it's given away for FREE. However, the knowledge expounded in this book is worth at least $50 + dollars.

So, why does Ken give it away for free?

Well ...

  • It's a valuable tool that helps Sitesell affiliates become more successful.
and ...
  • It acts as a viral promotional tool that clearly demonstrates the complete effectiveness and VALUE of the whole Sitesell product range.
and ...
  • It brands him as a superbly knowledgeable person in his area of expertise. This builds rapport and trust with readers.


His Traffic Virus ebook is a valuable mix of information, tools and viral link-backs.

So, why does Jimmy give it away for free?

Well, again the reasons are very similar.

  • It brands him as an expert in his field of endeavour.
and ...
  • It viralizes his message, and drives traffic back to his site.
and ...
  • The traffic building tools included are something everyone needs.


ROIbot's FREE Ezine Assistant tool is another extremely useful tool, which automates the creation and management of your ezine and articles.

So, why does Mark give it away for free?

Again, there's a pattern...

  • It's an extremely useful tool that anybody who's serious about doing business online NEEDS.
and ...
  • It brands ROIbot as the source, and drives traffic back to the ROIbot site.
and ...
  • Its able to be rebranded, so it creates an incentive for people to join as an affiliate.

See the pattern here?



Strategic Relationships

VIRAL tools will rapidly increase your traffic.

However, you've got to *launch* your virus somehow.

NOW ... there's ONE way to send this traffic expansion program into warp speed very quickly... build strategic relationships with ZEUS.

In relation to viral traffic building ZEUS will do two things for you.

  • Generate links partners for your site which will increase your exchange traffic and ranking positions on the Search Engines.
and ...
  • Find strategic partners for you who can release this viral traffic system for you.

Another tool that's extremely useful for finding these strategic partner is Neil Shearing's Internet Success Spider.

Neil's tool specifically focuses on finding super affiliate sites (through web site links) and although it doesn't have the multi purpose applications of Zeus it is still an extremely powerful utility to have in your *success* tool kit.

To wrap this up...

These above are some of the critical web site traffic building techniques.

HOWEVER... it is just not possible to analyse and list every possible technique here, as every day more techniques are being developed to attract that valuable traffic.

All new techniques will be discussed in-depth in The e*Analyst ezine.

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