Web Site Management

Web Site Management is about more than making sure your links work.

If [as the research continually demonstrates] the primary reason for people visiting any web site is to solve a specific problem then the message to web site owners is loud and clear.


How do you do this?

Well, your COMPLETE FOCUS OF ATTENTION with your web business needs to be on solving specific problems [within your knowledge area.]

The law of the web is... "When you give, you get."

What this means is that when you find new information, or a better way to do something - within your knowledge area - this information is uploaded to your web site OR... made available through another communication mechanism.

What this DOESN'T mean is that everything you find out about is uploaded to your web site.

Be targeted !! Be specific !!

F.. O .. C .. U .. S..

The * Feed Your Hungry Mind * Strategy

For example, FYHM is about the necessary knowledge-sets, and resources needed to conduct a business on the web. The site has been constructed to give visitors a complete understanding of what's involved.

HOWEVER - even though the fundamental principles of conducting a web business are now well established - new, and innovative methods of implementing these principles are continually being developed.

The strategy with FYHM is to give you the global picture of these principles on the site itself... and then to go into the detail of each of these principles in The e*Analyst Ezine ... and in a variety of eBooks and systems which are currently being developed for this purpose.

So, in relation to your own Web Site Management systems what do you need to consider?

The following are the main points.

  • What is the F.. O.. C.. U.. S.. of your web site? What specific problem does it solve for people? Can you tell anybody who asks with a one sentence answer?

  • How do you deliver new information in your topic area? Do you do this on the site itself, in your ezine, autoresponse systems, or through a forum... or a combination of all these things?

  • How do you keep yourself informed about what topic-specific information your visitors are actually looking for? Do you use polling or surveying systems to gather this information?

  • Do you consistently check your traffic stats to gain a better understanding on what information people are consistently looking for on your site? Do you use a on-site search engine mechanism to help you find this information?

Ken Evoy's MASTERWORK...

is widely regarded as the definitive ebook on setting up a selling website.

HOWEVER... Ken's book is much more than this. It's a book about micro-niche marketing, and ALL the mechanisms needed to make your site sell on the web. * Highly Recommended Reading *

SO... as you can see, Web Site Management is NOT just about making sure all your online systems are working. YES... it's about making sure all your systems are working, however...

MORE IMPORTANTLY... it's an ongoing activity which is indirectly related to your marketing efforts.

Now, to wrap this up...

These above are some of the critical aspects of your Web Site Management system.

HOWEVER... it is just not possible to analyse and list every possible technique here. All new techniques will be discussed in-depth in The e*Analyst ezine.

The e*Analyst

If you haven't worked this out yet, you soon will. There's a LOT of NONsense zapping around in cyber space about doing business on the web.

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As a graphic designer, and software developer I am very conscious of the subtle design elements of successful web sites. Very few ezine publishers understand this subtlety... as well as the whole web marketing process.

Your e*Analyst ezine is definately the exception here.

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