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Whenever there is a critical change relating to Feed Your Hungry Mind this Special News Edition of The e*Analyst is broadcast to subscribers.

This is the ONLY time this happens.
Date: Friday, 12th April 2002

Hello [firstname]...

*The e*Analyst's Ezine server has been DOWN*

If you've been wondering where The e*Analyst has been the system we use had its server hacked by the competition (it is believed.)

This has meant that all data was "scrambled" and had to be reinstated.

The effect of this malicious act on Feed Your Hungry Mind is that all our subscription data now has to be reorganized.

As FYHM has many autoresponder links to different information throughout its system we now have a problem and need your help.

Could you please assist us by re-subscribing to the MESSAGE SETS you'd previously subscribed to by double clicking on the appropriate link (below.)

You'll be resubscribed to the message set series again. AND... as soon as all the message sets have been completely reinstated you'll begin receiving these messages again.

AND... as a Thank you for your time, please accept these 2 gifts...

* an ebook "The Affiliate Masters Course" ...
* an eReport, "Reach Millions For The Cost Of Your Words."

These download links can be found at the end of the page.


1. The Basics - Computer Knowledge Needed

2. What's An Idea Worth?
3. Setting Up A Commercial Web Site.
4. Web Site Design - The Crucial Elements.
5. The Critical Role Of Web Copywriting.
6. Finding A Product Or Service To Sell.
7. Creating A Product Or Service To Sell.
8. Getting Paid - ECommerce Explained.
9. Web Site Promotion - The Technologies
10. Web Site Promotion - The Techniques.
11. Traffic Building & Strategic Relationships.
12. Web Site Management.
13. Automate It.
14. The Interviews, Articles And Archive Files.


The Affiliate Masters Course
*The definitive ebook on how to become a super affiliate*

and ...

REACH MILLIONS for the cost of your words
*Use eBook reseller systems to promote yourself and generate income*

I hope to be of service to you.

Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst
PS... The bi-weekly broadcasting of The e*Analyst ezine will resume next week.

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