Tom Hua could easily claim to have launched the ebook reseller web site model. He has a passion "for all things ebook," and is an endless source of knowledge in this "web site genre."

And, one thing Tom knows how to do extremely well is SELL things.

Q1: For those not familiar with your work could you please introduce yourself.

"I mainly deal with information products. My job is to research, purchase and develop quality information products and to market them through my web sites at and

Q2: How long have you been earning your living from the web.

"1 year."

Q3: What do you think have been the greatest changes to the web during this time.

"The big dot Com companies going bust. Now, people have started to understand that the Internet cannot be free for everyone.

Quality information products now stand out, while poorer quality products, and unprofitable web sites are vanishing."

Q4: Where do you see the web going in (say) the next 5 years?

"Everyone will have access to the Internet in less than 5 years. People will have their own most visited free and/ or paid sites... according to their particular interests and needs. These "favorites" will change from time to time. Individuals will be divided into many different web-consumer groups. Companies that offer quality products and/ or services will thrive."

Q5: Where do you see your own site/ strategy fitting into this direction.

"My new web site "" has been designed to develop and market quality information products through a fee-based dealership network structure.

Initially our topics will mainly be about Internet Marketing type topics.

However, our range of topics will be expanded into a variety of subjects of topics that will encompass any topics which provide quality solutions to problems in business or personal life.

We'll develop these products by working with our editors network, working with authors, and individuals who we deem have some valuable expertise to share with our market."

Q6: What do you think has been the greatest contribution of your site to the expansion of the knowledge base of the web.

"1. Offering quality, problem solving information products."

2. "Protecting the value of these information products by giving them a $ value."

3. "Establishing and training a dealership network that markets these information products in a professional manner."

4. "Providing an opportunity for talented individuals to share their knowledge with the net community, through digitally published information products."

Q7: If the distinguishing feature of the web is its ability to solve peoples problems what problem does your site solve eloquently for people?

"1. By Supplying quality information products."

2. "By maintaining the value of these information products."

3. "By offering people opportunities they've never had before to share their thoughts with the world."

Q8: Imagine you're completely new to the web, and you want to do business on it. What advice would your "now-experienced" self give your "new-to-the-web" self.

"I would ask myself 'What solutions do I have to peoples problems that I can offer to the web community?

How can I provide a product/ service that will solve these problems for people that they would want to buy?'.

Then I would do a lot of research to find out what people wanted and needed."

Q9: In relation to the previous question. Where would your "now-experienced" self advise your "new-to-the-web" self to focus your attention in the first 6-12 months online.

"In research. Learn... Test... research more... Learn.. Test... Keep doing this."

Q10: Long term. In your opinion what skills and personality traits are crutial to build a profitable online business.

1. "The ability to identify and react quickly to new opportunities."

2. "Don't just copy other people. Do something different."

3. "Provide excellent Customer Service with everything you do."

Q11: In terms of importance to online success, which knowledge or attribute would you rate highest.

"Sales and Marketing skills.

Q12: Would you care to comment further on any of the knowledge or attributes listed above.

Find your own unique solution to peoples problems.

Q13: What do you consider are the 4 (four) most important elements in a web site to create an environment of user friendliness, responsiveness and visitor trust.

1. "Professionalism."

2. "Honesty."

3. "Straight to the point presentation."

4. "Authority. (Why people should choose you?)"

Q14: What "systems" do you believe are "must-have" for a web business.

1. "Online payment processing."

2. "An Affilate/ reseller program."

Q15: "Is there a "secret" to your web success? If there is would you care to share it.

"Dare to spend the time and money necessary for you "to make it."

Q16: To the unitiated the web can be a bewildering place. There's a lot of NONsense out there. What techniques do you use to sort out the valuable information (or opportunities) from the rubbish.

1. "Detailed contact information."

2. "Web site lay out and design (Professionalism)."

3. "(Almost) no external links."

Q17: In relation to web business. Are there any questions you'd have asked that I haven't.


A. "What can you sell online."

B. "What clever and practical solutions to peoples problems do you and others have."

Q18 Do you have any closing comments.

"It takes time, money and guts to be ahead of the rest.

Keep at it until you succeed."

Tom Hua-

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