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At FYHM we have done our very best to gather, in the one place, the most appropriate information and meaningful resources for people serious about doing business on the web.

Our sole purpose at FYHM is to give you access to QUALITY information, tools and resources, which will assist you to create and run a successful net-business.

And the reason for all of this? Well, as we've (personally) had the experience of wasting a lot of money on emarketing junk we'd like to save you the angst and expense.

FYHM's e*Knowledge base and resources will continually be upgraded and expanded. However, to benefit from this you'll need to visit this site often and/ or subscribe to the e*Analyst ezine and /or register your interest in the infotopics which appeal to you.

AND... If you find the information and resources on our site valuable (which we believe you will) we ask that you Recommend Us by clicking on the banner below.

You may even win $10,000 by doing so.

Now that'd be a nice gift for recommending a site you found valuable anyway, wouldn't it? :-)

I Hope To Be Of Service To You.

Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst

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