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Thank you for taking the time to Infoseek further.

Your questing click for better quality RELEVANT information will not have been in vain.

Ever noticed something rather annoying about the web?
... Finding specific information on a topic is NOT that easy.

Now, let's be fair here. Part of this problem is your search skills.

However - assuming you've already developed excellent search skills - this problem of finding relevant information easily is still compounded by (what I call) the sideshow element.

Finding information on the web is like walking down sideshow alley at the local carnival.

Everyone's screaming at you with a better deal, right?

Everybody's got the SECRET ticket to your particular eHeaven, whatever your topic of interest may be. And, the so-called "EMarketers" are the loudest.

And... I keep wondering, as I click away .. "Whose eHeaven are we talking about here anyway folks? Mine or Yours?"

But, you're just trying to find specific information on a specific topic, right? You're looking for a solution to a problem.

So, you continue to click away, for hours sometimes... until your eyes turn green with fatigue, or your partner says "you love that damned machine more than me,"... and reluctantly you go off to bed not having found what you were looking for, again.

The web is a wonderful place. There are experts on everything out there, somewhere?

Information on any imaginable topic or theme you can conceive of.. from Life Insurance to Business to Homelife to 'the list is endless.'

The sum total of all human knowledge is on the web... somewhere?

But how do you find it, easily? How do you wade through that e-ocean of e-junk to find what you want EASILY?

It's simple!

Return to the original idea (and purpose) of the web.

- Connect Info WANT-ers with Info HAVE-ers! -

This is how Feed Your Hungry works...

ALL information on FYHM is on some topic of INTEREST and VALUE to people.

For any topic to be listed on Feed Your Hungry Mind it MUST ADD VALUE to peoples lives.

All FYHM Information Topics must pass these following stringent QUALITY-ASSURANCE tests before being considered for listing.

  • The information MUST TEACH SOME NEW SKILL
    (or teach it in a new way.)

  • The information MUST ADD VALUE to peoples lives.

  • The information MUST BE EASY TO READ.
    No techno-speak language.

    and available in an easily downloadable form (such as a .PDF or .exe file.)

  • The information MUST BE VALUE FOR MONEY or FREE.

FYHM is essentially an Information Topic REFERENCE, SOURCING, REVIEW and CO-OPERATIVE ANALYSIS site... with a big difference!

Now, this is where it gets really exciting....

If the Information topic you require is not listed on the site then we'll create it for you !!

YEP... you read that right!

We'll find the expert who knows what you need to know, then we'll get them to write an ebook, course or manual and put it on the site!

We call this ...
An "Interactive Information Creation System."

You most probably know what you need to know, and there is definately someone out there in cyberspace who already has the knowledge you need...

- Info-WANTER meet Info-HAVER -

This is how it works... You (the Infoseeker) can request information on a particular topic.

When there are enough requests for that specific type of information FYHM will find the expert to create the topic!

FYHM will then edit it, package it and put it on the site.

An example? Say you wanted to hire contractors to remodel your kitchen, so you could do it cheaper, and you wanted to know what the pitfalls were in hiring contractors?

We'd find the contracting expert to write the instructional Ebook, manual or course.

We'll research, edit and list any topic on any subject or interest within the bounds of human taste which meets our criteria, and adds to the quality of human knowledge, abilities or skill base.

Some of this information will be free, some you'll pay for.

Special note: FYHM will NOT source material on How do I cook an egg? :-) We would however, source material on all things you can make with eggs.

Of course, any Infoseeker who has contributed to this process will benefit by getting the finished Infotopic at a greatly discounted "Infoseeker Club" rate.

So, while we're beavering away here, gathering requested QUALITY InfoTopic resources you can do a number of things to speed up the process of acquiring knowledge on the topic of your particular interest.

  • Click on the "I'm Looking For QUALITY Information" link below ...and complete the Infoseeker Form.

    Be specific about what InfoTopic subjects you're interested in.

    All Infoseekers who complete this form will quality for a discount off the list price of ANY Infotopic listed on FYHM with a "Recommended InfoTopics logo" they choose to buy, forever.

    .... And a special Thankyou gift for their contribution.

I'm Looking For QUALITY Information!

  • Click on the "InfoTopics in the Works" link below to see what is currently in production, and then help us PRICE it!

    Yes! ALL InfoTopics in the list are priced by netizens. Through powerful surveying software YOU actually help us choose the price for the topic.

    And, ALL Infoseekers who participate in this survey will quality for an INFOseekers Club discount off the list price of ANY Infotopic on the list whenever they choose to buy, forever.

    .... And a special Thankyou gift just for their contribution.

InfoTopics 'in the works'

  • Click on the "Thankyou for visiting us" FREE gift link below to receive your Thankyou gift from FYHM just for visiting us

Thankyou for visiting FYHM

As FYHM grows, expands and develops EXPECT excitingly different and extremely valuable information on any imaginable Topic, and EXPECT THE BEST (because that's our aim.)

And, of course (it goes without saying for any site intending to build a professional, ethical reputation on the web) that your email address will NEVER, EVER be shared with anybody else.

You've entrusted us with your private information and we at FYHM pledge to honor your PRIVACY... always. Check out our Privacy Policy at the bottom for the fine detail.

Again, Thankyou for your interest in Feed Your Hungry Mind.

Your questing CLICK - in search of QUALITY information - will not have been in vain.

Kenneth Doyle
- Feed Your Hungry Mind -
"The Web's first Interactive Information Creation System"

Perhaps you've been reading this, thinking...
"Hey, I know something VALUABLE."
Then you need to go to the INFOprovidors page by clicking here ... I've GOT quality information!


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