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Kenneth Doyle

Personality Writing That Sells!

There are many books on writing styles and techniques.

MeTALK is different.

MeTALK is about YOU using YOU to sell anything!

Have you ever wondered why some people buy certain things and others don't? There's a very good reason.

It's because we each use our "dominant" senses to process information. We all use some of our senses more than we do others.

We actually "hear" or "see" some words more than others.

MeTALK is about understanding this, and using YOUR own sensory personality to communicate and sell effectively with words.

In fact, some of the highly effective sensory mode communication techniques taught in MeTALK are over 3,000 years old.

These are some of the things you'll learn about in MeTALK.

  • The web's NEW 4P's
  • The (new) media has redifined the message
  • The process of human communication
  • Only words on a screen
  • Why those power headlines DON'T work
  • Human Being = Social Being
  • What's a Personality anyway
  • The art of Web "conversation"
  • Sensory Perceptions - The 4 dominant modes
  • Sensory Perceptions - Identify your own
  • Sensory Perceptions - How to communicate with other perceptions
  • Sensory Perceptions - Writing workshop for the Web
  • Sensory Perceptions - Writing workshop for other Media
  • This is the Information age. Inform in their language

So, how valuable would this knowledge be to you?

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