The FYHM site is a response to the NONsense on the net about marketing.

Its purpose is to provide a high-quality content gateway to positive, valuable resources, and sources of information on all aspects of setting up, running and maintaining a commercial net-business.

As a trained and experienced offline marketer, and lecturer in marketing I personally got very sick of paying for rubbish, during my net-research phase.

At the time I wrongly assumed (like I’m sure so many others continue to do) that there is some secret to this “working on the net?” My opinion now is that there isn’t.

My understanding now is that it’s basically a matter of applying the time-tested and well established principals of marketing to a different medium, hunkering down, learning these new skills and doing the work. This seems very much like the real world to me.

Thus, the structure of FYHM is as a “directory of e*knowledge steps to net-business success.”

The reason I’m approaching you with this offer (below) is that after doing some very serious research on the net over the last 18 months I consider you to be a person with a “severe case of the smarts” in your area of expertise.

And thus, I’d like to enter into a Joint Venture arrangement with you. The details are explained in the remainder of this document.

I hope we can do business together.


Kenneth Doyle – Webmaster
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This Is How It Works

  • FYHM is structured as a (4 page) resource directory, based on the concept that one has to acquire certain e*knowledge “steps/sets” to establish, market and then maintain a successful net-business.

  • The intention here is to place all of the critical e*knowledge “steps/sets” within these four (12 topic) resource directories using the expertise of chosen net personalities and/or sites within each of these pre-determined e*knowledge steps.

  • The visitor can then identify where they currently fit within these e*knowledge steps, and then access the resources they need.

    The resources namely being you and I ... and our products.

  • My basic assumption here is that NOBODY is the source of all e*knowledge, and that by revisiting one of the Web originators initial concepts about “Growth through Sharing” that we’ll all win here.

  • Different specialist's expertise will occupy different e*knowledge steps within the four (page) directories.

    The (sub) directory structure will continue to expand within this e*knowledge steps concept. New sub directory categories will be listed when a demand is identified.

  • Although I’m a trained and experienced offline marketer I’ve decided that I will not enter this net arena positioning myself as a net-marketer.

    I’ll be focusing on two of my other abilities…copywriting and a creative/analytical mind, (thus the title of the FYHM ezine, “The “E*analysist.”

My Contribution To FYHM

My contribution to FYHM will be this.

  • I will write the primary content for each of the e*knowledge steps/sets, and sub directory categories ... set the tone (so to speak) of the site, and introduce the experts in each of the e*knowledge step areas.

  • On FYHM I will be the “voice” ... the contributing editor of The E*analysist ezine, and the resident web-copywriting expert.

  • I will construct, maintain and (once all the FYHM parts are in place) aggressively promote the site.

What's Being Asked Of You

Your contribution to FYHM would be this.

  • A high quality article on your area of expertise to place on the FYHM site (which you've probably already got.)

    This article would be placed in a mutually agreed e*knowledge step/section. Once you’re in this section you’ll “own” it until you no longer wish to be involved.

    If you wish to be in more than one section then I’ll need more than one article.

  • An auto-responder message-set to go with each article (which you've probably already got.)

  • An interview for the Interview and Articles Files (see the link to the online interview form below.)

    If you're a "talker" then I'd phone you to conduct the interview.

  • Occasional articles on your e*knowledge area when requested for the e*analysist ezine.

  • Reciprocal links to the site.

  • Affiliate or JV arrangements.

As FYHM is being constructed using a sophisticated online-site system (with an automated SE submission facility) it is an extremely flexible system. Information can be changed and updated within hours.

As a content-rich site with links to it, FYHM will rank higher with the SE's.

Promotional Structure

The Site Itself

The idea of FYHM is that we all win by sharing our knowledge.

To the visitor FYHM needs to be seen as a source of high quality information on all aspects of structuring a net-business. The information is to be given freely, and within the context of learning new skills.

As such, this site does not use a “hard-sell” approach. The premise here is that the information is freely given. It’s valuable, and it's unbiased.

The theory here is that when the visitor encounters free and valuable information - within the context of learning - that they will make the wiser decision, and choose to invest with the person offering the advice the need.

Auto-responder message sets will be layered throughout the site to give the visitor access to additional information. Of course these message sets will actually be promotional tools for the e*knowledge expert they’re attached to.

The commercial relationship between us can be either a JV, or an affiliate type relationship. I’ll generate my income by indirectly “referring” you, and through the sale of my own product and services.

The e*analysist ezine

The e*Analysist ezine will mirror the structure of the FYHM site. It will not run ads. However, it will run serious articles by the different participants on the FYHM site, within their area of expertise.

As soon as the structure of the FYHM site is in place the e*analysist will be launched to a current subscriber base of 11,800 subscribers. It will commence with a publication schedule of once a week and move to twice a week soon after that.


As I’m a writer I’ll be working a lot with viral ebooks.

A series of ebooks is planned to promote the site, its content, and therefore its hosted experts.

These ebooks are to be delivered either through a number of ebook reseller systems, as high-quality give-aways, or as commercial packages. Deals have already been negotiated here.

With the range of expertise that will eventually be on the FYHM site there will also be endless opportunities (for those wishing to participate) for many and varied cross-promotional deals with the other site participants.

The Interviews and Articles Files

The Interviews and Article Files will host interviews of all the FYHM participants, plus other selected, high profile netpreneurs and net-specialists.

All Interviews will have the same questions, so that the visitor can compare the responses of each participant to the questions asked. An “editorial” written by me will introduce each of the participants.

The Article files will eventually become a searchable database of the e*analysist articles written by myself and contributing FYHM participants.

These articles will be collected and regularly packaged as free “theme-based” ebooks for distribution through the various reseller systems, as well as those contributers who wish to be involved. The purpose, of course, is to direct traffic back to the participants on the FYHM site and also to their own “home” sites.

This themed series will be branded as the "Taming the E*Beastie" series.
Example: "Taming The E*Beastie - Email Marketing."

To make things easier for everyone I’ve set up an interview on an online form.

The Feed Your Hungry Mind Interview Form

You’ll need a password to access the interview form. This will be sent to you via email.
You can complete the interview by going to ... The Interview Form

*PROMOTE* – the ebook

The flagship ebook for FYHM is a book titled *PROMOTE,* which is the digital version of a National Certificate Course I was commissioned to write for the Australian Government on Small Business Marketing. This course is still being used in the National Curriculum, and I've retained the digital rights to it.

This ebook is a workbook about the time-tested principals of marketing. It’s based on a course I've personally taught at College level. It’s been tested on the street. It works.

*PROMOTE* will expand these time-tested marketing principals to those required to operate on the web, using the resident FYHM experts for illustration purposes (and of course links.)


As a writer one of my pivotal promotional strategies will be to write articles for selected ezines. While a number of these articles will be focused on my area of expertise - analysis and web-copywriting - their main intent will be to direct traffic back to the whole structure of FYHM, and thus you.

Solve A Net-Business Related Problem

The purpose here is to direct questions to appropriate FYHM participants. Although this feature won’t result in much traffic to individual participants it will help to maintain FYHM's image as an open, quality content site.

Linking Strategies

Apart from the viral ebook approach I have also decided to go down the path of intensive linking strategies.

I'm using Zeus, a sophisticated reciprocal link generation program to achieve this. I have already commenced this time intensive process.

Of course links with sites that directly conflict with the hosted FYHM experts will not be sought.

What's In This For You?

We all know that there’s a lot of competition out there on the web. Everybody is telling us that they have the solution to everything. However, it's just not possible for one human being to know everything.

FYHM will have a mixture of specialist expertise hosted on it. Some people will be very well known and already respected in the net community. Others will not be so well known yet. However, everyone included on the site is a highly skilled individual and/or an innovative site. I personally respect the work of everyone I’ve approach.

By association, and "collection" all participants will become highly regarded within their area. This strategy is purposeful.

So, what will you get from this association with FYHM?

Primarily, two things; Income and Quality Exposure.

  • Within the context of the site you’ll be seen as "THE" expertise within your e*knowledge step area.
    A number of well-known and established net-marketers have already agreed to be involved here. If required, I'm willing to indicate who these people are privately, by email.

  • The Interviews and Articles Files will eventually become the "Who’s Who" of web-business marketing. As a participant on the site I would want to include you in this section.

  • Income and exposure from the raft of planned, and ongoing promotional activities, and of course the click-throughs to your own sites.
    None of these promotional activities are something you have to do yourself. They'll be something I do on our behalf.

The FYHM Directory Structure

FYHM currently has 12 sections on the four (4) pages of its directory structure.
These sections are meant to "step" a person through the processes needed for the creation of a web business.

The site visitor can choose to either move through the selected stepping process sequentially, or just go straight to the directory where they believe they need help, and search out the relevant knowledge.

These directories are not the sum total of everything related to creating and conducting a net-business. However, they do provide a framework from which to begin.

The purpose of these directories is to provide a substantial background to each of the topics, so that the visitor feels secure enough to do business with the resident expert on the site.

Everyone I have approached for this venture has been purposefully selected for their obvious skill in their knowledge area and/or the integrity I've experienced in dealing with them.

These are the 12 directories included on the site. There will of course be Sub Directories where the *experts* are hosted.


  • Web Site Promotion - The Technologies
    Sub Directory - Email Marketing/Ezines

  • Web Site Promotion - The Technologies
    Sub Directory - Viral Marketing/Ebooks

  • Web Site Promotion - The Technologies
    Sub Directory - Automated Marketing/Autoresponsers

Each *expert* will be hosted within a number of the FYHM directories. As much as possible you will all be profiled/positioned in such a way that you're promoted as non-conflicting expertise within the directory structure itself.

There is no point in having participants all promoting *Web-Promotion* techniques. This would be totally counter productive to all concerned. This will mean that (where there are thematic conflicts)that some of your products will not be actively promted by FYHM. However, others will.

Of course, when visitors click through to your site they'll make their own value judgement based on the relationship you've established with them.

The Planning Directory

1. The Basics; Computer Knowledge Needed.

2. What’s An Idea Worth

3. Setting Up A Commercial Web site

The Preparation Directory

4. Finding A Product Or Service To Sell

5. Creating A Product Or Service To Sell

6. Getting Paid. E-Commerce Explained

The Promotion Directory

7. Web site Promotion – The Technologies

8. Web site Promotion – The Techniques

9. Web site Management

The Resources Directory

10. Automate It

11. The Interviews And Article Files

12. Solve A Net-Business Related Problem

What you need to think about here is where in these directories you'd logically place yourself.

The titles for these directory sections have purposefully been designed to be "open ended." Please use a little lateral thought when choosing your section.

By placing yourself only in Web Site Promotion – The Techniques (which I’m sure many participants will want to do) it limits the directory structure concept, and it creates a directory that's centre heavy.

Once I have your agreement to participate here we can discuss which directories/sub directories it's most appropriate to place your expertise in.


I don’t know about you, but I’m personally sick of net-marketing rubbish.

As I've said before (during my research phase) I’ve wasted a lot of money buying these "secrets." I'm sure a lot of other people have done so too.

Once I understood that many of these so-called-experts were telling net-marketing fairy tales initially I became offended. Then I decided to do something about it. I decided to create FYHM as a high value resource site on (all things) net-business related.

The reason I'm approaching you with this offer is that I respect you and your work.

If you’d like to be involved with this project I’d love to have you on the FYHM team. I know from "talking" to you that you’re a person with ethics. I’m only interested in quality, and I believe we’d work well together.

If you wish to have more information about me, and my background I’m more than willing to send you a CV.

I’d love to have you on the FYHM "team."


Kenneth Doyle - Webmaster

PS. The site is not yet a completed structure. However, the infrastructure is now in place

There are some cosmetics alterations still to be made.

PPS. If you feel that the FYHM JV concept does not fit with your online marketing plans or strategy, then I Thank you for your time. Perhaps we can co-operate with each other in some other way?

However, as I only seeking a limited number of participants here, those who respond first will be given their choice in the key e*knowledge positions.

Whatever your decision is here I wish you well.

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