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Special Note: On the 11th of September the world witnessed extraordinary and tragic events in NYC.

Rather than sitting by watching, and feeling helpless about these unfolding events a group of netizens from across the world decided to help in some small way.

They constructed an (evolving) crisis ebook as a resource for those affected. The ebook *Stand Up America - Eagle Tears* is the result of this collaborative effort.

The ebook is free. Its only purpose is to gather appropriate crisis resources in the one place... to help those so tragically affected by these extraordinary events.

You can help too...

  • By downloading the ebook, and distributing it to as many people as you can

  • By placing a link to it on your site

  • By placing links to it in your ezine

  • By contributing an appropriate help resource to this ebook

  • By donating money to the approved charitable organizations included in the ebook

To read this ebook online, or to get download instructions, go to...

Stand Up America - Eagle Tears ... Read It Online.

Stand Up America - Eagle Tears ... Download It.

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