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My 3 "Must Use" Secrets for Big Fat Subscriber Lists

Mark Joyner, CEO,

1. Give the Subscriber a Reason to Subscribe

Several psychological studies have demonstrated that giving someone a reason to comply to your request will greatly increase their chances of compliance. And the reason doesn't even have to be good! Amazingly, just using the word "because" will increase your response.

2. Really "Sell" the Content of Your Newsletter and Subscriber List

People don't know whether your newsletter contains pure junk or gold. You could have the greatest, most informative newsletter in the world - if you don't tell them, they will never know the benefits of adding their name to you Subscriber List.

Now, here's the key. You don't want to tell them yourself "my newsletter is the best... add your name to my Subscriber List". No one will believe you. The best way to let people know how great you are and the benefits they get from being on your Subscriber List is to have someone else tell them for you!

You should get a testimonial or two about the content of your newsletter and use this to "sell" the content of your newsletter. This will convince people to add their name to your Ezine Subscriber List.

3. Provide an Incentive to Subscribe

How many people offer a free newsletter? No one can know for sure, but I'll tell you that the answer is: "too many"!

What is unique about what you offer? If you tie your subscription to your Subscriber List into being able to access something unique, I promise your Subscriber List rate will go through the roof.

Can you offer a free service? Can you offer a free download? A free (and unique!) report? Access to some exclusive information if people are on your Subscriber List?

Generate curiosity in your potential subscriber. People are inherently curious and it is painful when curiosity is not satisfied. Set it up so subscribing to your Newsletter Subscriber List is the only thing they can do to satisfy that curiosity.

Now, let's put this all together. Here is an example of a "call to subscribe" you can use that puts all three principles together. Put this above your subscription form for one week and I predict your visitor-to-subscriber rate will at least triple:

"~Newsletter Name~ is fantastic.

"It's one of the very few newsletters I actually read every time."
- Mark Joyner of ROIbot

Add your name to the Subscriber List right now; because, for a limited time you will be given instant access to the powerful report: "My 3 'Must Use' Secrets for Big Fat Subscriber Lists."

And you'll get more great tips like this in each and every issue.

This should be enough to get you started with improving your Subscriber List sign-ups.. Sit down right now and brainstorm. Think of at least 5 ways you can apply these principles to your newsletter subscription process. Pick the best ones and apply them today.

Article by Mark Joyner of ROIbot
Kris Stringham of EzineHits says that Mark's techniques "represent the future of Internet Marketing".

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