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Kenneth Doyle - Webmaster

COMPUTERS... Arrgh! Love em, Hate em!

Okay, this is the FIRST EKnowledge step...skilling-up with your electronic vehicle, your computer.

Now, if your head goes fuzzy when someone uses the terms Http, modem, ADSL, LAN, URL or FTP then maybe the first place you'll need to start is... *A Glossary Of Computer Terms*

Now, don't get discouraged! We ALL started in the same place... confusion and mild panic.

Okay, let's start at the very beginning...

You've got a computer right? Uh huh, No !? Oh well, BOOKMARK this page right now, and go buy that computer first.

When you've done that, come back and we'll continue.

AND before you do this you may wish to skill-up with some pertinent questions to ask that eager - we've got the solution to everything - sales person, before you hand over your hard earned cash ... *Buying A Computer - Hardware Basics*

Remember, EVERYONE started in the same place as you. The only difference between us here is TIME and EFFORT.

AND NO! You won't have to get a Masters Degree in Computing Science to achieve what you wish to do here.

However, you will need to know this... "That little pop-out thing with the hole in it (your CDROM drive) is NOT (just) for holding your coffee cup. :-) (joking!)

Okay..You've got the computer now? GOOD! Now it's got a...

Keyboard CPU (Central Processing Unit.) That's that big metal box with all the wires coming out of it. A screen for you to see stuff on (Monitor) A mouse (not the squeaky kind) Lots of programs that makes it do stuff AND... AND... AND... Now, I could go on forever here describing the bits and pieces that make up a computer.

HOWEVER... before we do this, Here's A Critically Important Question?

"What do you want to DO with this chunk of metal and glass and wires and stuff?"

Simplisticly there are two parts to this particular electronic vehicle equation.

One part is to do with the engine of the vechicle (the hardware.)

The other part is to do with the steering wheel of the vechicle (the software.) *What Is Software Anyway?*

So, do you want to become a Computer Engineer, or do you want to do things with it?

If you want to be a Computer (Hardware or Software) Engineer then there are many educational facilities that can help you down these particular, and esteemed roads.

However, the point of this site is ... E-Commerce related.

Our whole focus of attention here is... "The skills that you need to acquire to do business on the net!"

So, let's cut to the chase here.

If you wish to become a Computer Engineer then then there are many other sites, organizations or facilities which are better-qualified to fulfill your needs.

COPERNIC is the most elegant, targeted, information search tool you'll find on the net. Click here to download Copernic 2001 Basic Now

If you really don't understand what I've been saying here about computers then you need to get some help, right?

The fastest route (if you're at this stage) is to ...

Do a computer course at your local educational institution. It's your fastest path, and it's "hands-on."

Alternatively, you can spend MANY frustrating hours trying to work out how this electronic machine works. Not Recommended!

So what do you need to know?

Well, I don't know what your abilities are, and I'm not going to presume to know.

But here's a check list of the BASICS.

HOW your EMAIL program works. HOW your BROWSER works HOW your OPERATING SYSTEM works HOW your WORD PROCESSING program works HOWEVER, if you feel a little bit shaky with any of this NEEDED basic knowledge of computer programs...

OR just wish to hone your skills even further then... the single best newbie-friendly training resource on the net is... The Newbies Club

HERE.. the fundamentally important computers programs, and their inner workings are made very easy to understand.

All the information is written in plain Geek-free English.

I hope this information has helped solve a problem.


Kenneth Doyle PS You can also get additional information on the WINDOWS operating system, and its history by clicking through to these pages below.

An (almost) History Of WINDOWS

WINDOWS Users Tips

Your NEXT e*knowledge step - part 2 of this 6 part series - will deal with BLAH BLAH.

See you in two days time.

Kenneth Doyle

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