3 Proven Ways to Make Your Newsletter Make You Money Today

by Mark Joyner, CEO,

You may or may not already manage your own email newsletter (AKA "eZine" - short for "email Magazine").

If you do, this article about Newsletters will help you to make more money with it today - no matter how big your list is!

If you don't, read this to learn why you should begin building a subscriber list immediately.

As you surely already know, your newsletter is a must have key to your success online. I don't care what you do - not building and maintaining an email newsletter is suicidal.

Now, everyone knows that much and you will hear many speak these same words - but you rarely here folks talk about the real value of your newsletter list. That is, how do you use it to really make money? What I'm about to show you applies to everyone working online

1. Educate

"All Links are Not Created Equal." This is a phrase I coined in my marketing course years back.

The idea here is that the state of mind of your customer when leading to your site is crucial in determining whether or not he will buy. This is a natural extension of what salesmen call "qualifying". That is, you need to determine before wasting your time, whether the prospect is ready to go or not.

Pretty basic salesmanship 101 stuff here. How does it apply to your newsletter?

Well, chances are, your prospects don't even realize that they need your product or service. What may be obvious to you, may be totally unknown to your prospect.

Your newsletter can be used to educate your prospects about the value of your product or service. That is, they don't know they need it - so educate them!

Ad educated prospect will come to your site "pre-qualified" and ready to be sold. He knows he needs what you've got. All he needs now is a little nudge.

2. Endorse

If the content of your newsletter is good, and not just a sales pitch, over time you will gain the respect of your readers. Once you've gained their respect, they will be more likely to listen to what you have to say (they are pre-qualified to receive your opinion - see how this all fits together?)

When you recommend a product or service in your Newsletter to them, they will arrive at the sales site for that product or service pre-qualified and ready to buy. Your opinion means a lot and will go a long way on the path of making the sale.

The application of this concept to affiliate programs is quite obvious - just endorse the products you are offering, right?

What if you are selling a product or service of your own? If you've read my course you remember the concept of the "Internet Marketing Battle Plan". The 5th and final tactic in your Battle Plan is "Working the Back End". Once you've sold your product to your customer, continue to sell related products to that customer as long as you can. These don't have to be your own products - they can be products from other companies selling related products... Heck, they can even be your competitors!

Use the power of your endorsement for these products to sell like crazy.

Endorse and Educate and you will always send pre-qualified and excited prospects to your sites.

3. Automate

Do you manage your newsletter by hand? Or is the tool you are using to manage your newsletter unreliable and difficult to use?

If so, properly automating your newsletter will make you money.


It's simple. Automation of your newsletter management will save you time and spare you the mental anguish of having to worry about your list. In the end you'll have more time and mental energy to apply to your other projects. Or, if you're lazy, it might just give you some extra time in front of the tube!

Either way, you want to make sure that your automation solution for your newsletter:

a. Is highly configurable.

You want your Newsletter to be able to grow and change as you grow and

b. Is reliable and located in a trusted spot.

You can only guess what happens to your newsletter when it's hosted on a remote site, or when it's managed by scripts you don't understand. A solution you run locally solves this problem by putting you in control.

c. Handles subscribe and unsubscribe requests efficiently.

This will save you hours of time.

d. Can schedule and automate the mailing of your newsletter.

What if you go on vacation or have a family emergency? Does you business stop? Of course not! It simply can't. You need a management tool that can run things while you're gone.

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Apply the above techniques today and I promise you will immediately begin making more money as a result of your newsletter marketing.

Just remember to always test everything you try every step of the way.

Article by Mark Joyner of ROIbot
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