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Crocodoyle's Internet Marketing Action Tips...
November 21, 2003

Editor: Crocodoyle Dundee, the resident croc...

Published... Sometime between lunch and dinner!

... Here's Your Action Tip ...

"Good Wine Doesn't Taste The Same In Plastic Glasses!"

Ever noticed something about cheap? It's cheap! :-)

There's an interesting principle here (as applied to the web).
You get what you pay for.

And... unfortunately, just like good wine in plastic glasses that ends up tasting cheap if you DON'T invest in learning your online craft you'll still be drinking CHEAP wine from plastic glasses in ten years' time.

Invest In The Development Of Your Own Knowledge!
Just like computers GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) it's a 'law' in life... and an attitude of continual investment in the expansion of your own knowledge will ALWAYS deliver the desired results.

Success takes work... and some investment!

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